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Individual and Family Therapy

There are always new challenges in life. When you are hurting and running out of answers, it’s often time to try a new approach. As counselors we welcome struggling parents and children into our care and help them discover how to reconnect to a healthy, happy, more enjoyable life. Our methods with children and families combine diverse style therapies and parental coaching that, with full participation, can improve the child’s mental/emotional health and benefit the entire family.

We offer services in the following areas:
  • Individual support for children
    • When there are traumatic events in the lives of children or organic difficulties such as learning disorders or developmental delays, it can often hinder growth and progress. Counseling is available for young children and adolescents to meet your child’s individual needs. The counselor’s role is to work with parents and children in gaining self-understanding and developing problem solving strategies.
  • Support for specific concerns
    • At times there are specific concerns that may bring you or your child to therapy. We offer support for struggles in the following areas:
      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Abuse/Trauma
      • Attachment/adoption concerns
      • ADD/ADHD
      • Developmental delays and school support
      • Autism and Asperger's syndrome
      • Improving social and communication skills
      • Divorce concerns
      • Grief/loss
  • Family support
    • Whether the concerns lie with a sibling relationship or a family is having difficulty communicating with each other it can be best to have the entire family come to counseling. Problems that affect the whole family are often helped by working together. In family counseling, each family member has the chance to share their perspective with the rest of the family and with the counselor. The counselor’s role is to help guide communication and to help provide a different perspective. She can teach the family skills to use at home when disagreements arise.
  • Individual support for adults
    • When the discomfort is from within or when the problems are with family relationships but others aren’t willing to join you, individual counseling is available. The counselor’s role is to provide emotional support, a different perspective and/or needed insights, and to teach you how to use tools that will help you cope.